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If a player creates an immediate repeat of a game position, the opposing player must use his turn to remove one of his pieces from the board. No change in score occurs.

A player who creates a mixed traps position, where both players' pieces are trapped, is awarded the trap(s) and the player who did not create the mixed traps position must withdraw his trapped ship(s). Play then continues with the player who created the mixed traps position and in the rare case that there is still a trapped ship on the board, he must only then suffer withdrawal. Note that the player who creates a mixed traps position does not suffer withdrawal before his opponent. In fact, in most cases, after his opponent withdraws, he will find that he is no longer in a trapped position and no longer needs to withdraw. In the case where the game ends before all trapped ships are withdrawn, both players proceed with the regular setup rules making sure any ship in a trapped position is removed from the board before the kraken is reset to the center for the next game.

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