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Mur was carefully designed to stimulate an environment of self-discovery where all six tiers of overall cognition are intensely stimulated through competitive play. In all traditional games—such as Chess and Go— the higher order relationships between parts is not apparent until it is finally embedded into the learner after many hours of study and coaching. Mur games, however, immediately demand analysis since the intense relationships between the game pieces are heavily embedded into the code of play and therefore the obvious consequences of even very simple moves. The learner must evaluate which move to make since each path he may choose unfolds through a serious of syntheses.


In short, Mur, through the most affective domain of primal competitive board game play, is therefore in the unprecedented position to strongly stimulate major self-discovered higher order thinking in young elementary students. It is this platform of play, Mur, which will prime young minds for lifelong self-discovered higher order cognition. We invite educators to promote the study of Mur along with organized competitive tournaments. 

The future is human.

Desmond R Davies

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